Ultra Startups

It all started from a folder, ideas that soared relentlessly into what we have become today. At Ultra, we just simply create things, things on par with your imagination and yet beyond your expectation. We bring forth a team with diverse skills and yet we provide our best effort and services to solve your needs. Because in the realms of Digital Media, stories always begins from just a folder.

Oriigamii Startups

Oriigamii is a guest intelligence software that helps restaurant owners attract new customers, boost order quantity/frequency, convert first-time guests into loyal returners.

Metaverse Startups

Lots of creativity is needed to make scientific achievements, and art is often an expression or a result of a scientific breakthrough. That's why we have created Neutron Art to inspire the next generation to interconnect art and science.

Upcoming Startups

We are always working, for the next big thing and we'll keep on moving forward, as long as we exist. We’re looking for investors for our innnovation team to drive our innovation strategy and build our portfolio.