Our Company

Innovative Software Solutions

Our innovative technology solutions play a role in addressing specific challenges in different industries and areas. While we started by building startup solutions, most of our solutions are built around enterprise problem solving and we gathered a large number of data from these industries.

Ultra Innovations

We thrive on challenge

We always search for solutions to complex problems through proper research and trial. By doing so, we try our best to find the right solution for any complex problem. Our technology experts think deeply, design smart, and develop solutions for all platforms. We are always ready to make your big idea into reality.

We build our first platform in 2013

We build our first platform to help music artists find the platform where they can thrive. It was a non-profit project and after a series of similar projects, we build our first company platform Build Ultra. This is the mystery behind our name if you are wondering about the origin of it. We started to enliven the ideas of other entrepreneurs when our first project was completed. Since then, we have grown and evolved into a complete spectrum of technology solutions and services for our global clients’ technology needs.

We’re always looking for the next big thing

We are always thinking about the future and provide the best possible futuristic solutions to our clients. We are exploring and developing innovative solutions for growing technology problems. From our research lab of innovation to our human-centered design direction, we are constantly looking for and raising innovative solutions to formative technology problems. The future of our company is worldwide expansion. The collation of our Bangladesh office increases our worldwide footprint to several other locations and allows us to expand to the Asian market and beyond.