Ultra Innovations


Ultra Innovations is an innovation hub that gives startups the resources and skills to make their ideas happen. Ultra Innovations supports and develops startups applying technology to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

It all started from a folder, ideas that soared relentlessly into what we have become today. At Ultra, we just simply create things, things on par with your imagination and yet beyond your expectation. We bring forth a team with diverse skills and yet we provide our best effort and services to solve your needs. Because in the realms of Digital Media, stories always begins from just a folder.


The intelligent Point Of Sale, to grow your startup restaurant.

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The Heaven for Intelligent Solutions.

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Deeper Imprint

What are you doing to save the ocean and bring back the wilderness?

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TiSi Group

Internationally recognised manufacturer of make-up brushes and cosmetic accessories.

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Your Trusted Trade & Supply Chain Solution

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Best Freight Forwarder in China.

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